How to Become a Moderator on YouTube in 2024

The website YouTube has fundamentally changed the way we consume video material. Moderation is crucial because there are millions of users worldwide. In order to make sure that community standards are adhered to, YouTube moderators are crucial. Still, this in-depth guide will provide you all the knowledge you require to begin your career as a YouTube moderator.

Whether your inquiries are related to the work requirements, prerequisites for qualifications, or abilities required, this guide has all the information you need to become a YouTube moderator. We’ll also discuss how to apply, opportunities for development and training, and the benefits of becoming a YouTube Moderator. We’ll also discuss some common issues that moderators face and how to resolve them.

What is the function of a YouTube moderator?

Moderators are in charge of monitoring and controlling user-generated content on YouTube. They remove hate speech, spam, and other objectionable content in addition to monitoring and reacting to user complaints and reports. They help maintain the YouTube community’s civility and safety.

Recognizing the Objective of a YouTube Moderator

A moderator is responsible for monitoring and controlling the content that is posted on the YouTube network. They ensure that all content abides by YouTube’s guidelines and remove any objectionable or hazardous content, including hate speech, violence, and pornography.

The YouTube moderation guidelines provide a clear description of what constitutes acceptable content, therefore moderators should be familiar with them. Moderators work to ensure the safety of the YouTube community and the platform’s continued value to creators and users alike.

Benefits of moderating on YouTube

fostering a pleasant online environment

In order to create a civil, secure community where people feel free to express themselves, moderators are crucial.

gaining practical expertise: The skills that moderators acquire—such as communication, content management, and dispute resolution—can be transferred to other roles.

Opportunities for networking: Participating in the YouTube community and interacting with video producers may open up new business opportunities and connections.

Options for remote work and flexibility: One benefit that many YouTube moderator jobs have in common is the ability to work from home, which allows people to maximize their schedules.

Crucial Competencies for a YouTube Moderator

  • Interaction: Communicate concisely in both written and spoken forms.
  • Resolution of Conflicts: Calm down stressful situations and lead civil conversations.
  • Community management: involves interacting with viewers, fostering goodwill, and enforcing rules.
  • Analytical Reasoning: Make snap judgments based on community values and YouTube policies.
  • Sensitivity to Culture: Recognize different points of view and conduct exchanges politely.
  • echnical Proficiency: a basic knowledge of the features and tools for moderating on YouTube (helpful).
  • Sincere enthusiasm: for the community and material on the channel (essential).
  • Bonus: Time management, emotional intelligence, and resilience are highly prized qualities.

What Is The Compensation For Chat Moderators?

The 90th percentile of earners makes $53,500 per year, while the median salary for a chat moderator is $25,250, according to ZipRecruiter. In a similar vein, salaries for chat moderators typically range from $25,250 to $41,500, or between the 25th and 75th percentiles.


  • strong knowledge with the YouTube platform and community rules.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • the ability to work alone and respond swiftly and sensibly.
  • great ability to pay close attention to detail and multitask in a busy environment.
  • Prior experience in community administration or content monitoring is preferred, but not required.
  • needs a stable internet connection and access to a PC or smartphone.

Required Steps

Of course, You need to complete the following steps in order to be considered for a moderator job. Please write

1. Level of Channel/Creator

  • Look for chances: Look through Discord servers, the “About” section of channels you like, or posts on social media where content creators may list openings.
  • Develop the necessary abilities:  Develop your interpersonal skills, community management, dispute resolution abilities, and understanding of YouTube policies.
  • Display your enthusiasm:  Participate in the channel on a regular basis, offer constructive feedback, and show that you genuinely care about its principles and programming.
  • Apply:  Send in a well-written application that highlights your qualifications, experience, and compatibility with the channel’s ideals whenever positions become available.

2. Opportunities for Volunteering

  • platforms for searches: Seek out channels that post volunteer moderating positions; these are frequently promoted on social media or in the local communities.
  • Get expertise: Consider these as priceless opportunities to hone your talents and expand your portfolio.
  • Connect and network: Make use of volunteer work to get the attention of creators and possibly secure future paid positions.

3. Third-Party and Freelance Platforms

  •  Examine the following services:  Opportunities for freelance moderating may be found on websites like as Fiverr or Upwork, but make sure to thoroughly investigate their trustworthiness.
  • Make ties: Make connections with other independent moderators to get recommendations or possible partnerships.
  • Create a portfolio fit for a professional: To attract clients, highlight your experience, abilities, and endorsements.

What Will You Do in Your Role as Moderator?

  1. tracking conversations and responses in real time on our YouTube channel.
  2. Upholding community norms and regulations will help to maintain a polite and safe atmosphere.
  3. Engage in professional and courteous conversation with the audience.
  4. Collaborate with content creators and other team members to resolve community grievances.
  5. Provide regular reports on community activity and comments to the management team.

Stay still! A YouTube Moderator is not a position that pays $30 per hour.

The following is the reality.

  • But YouTube does not directly recruit moderators.
  • Moderator roles are often held by YouTube channels and producers, not by YouTube itself.
  • Pay for entry-level positions varies greatly and seldom goes above $30 per hour.

However, you may become a moderator by

  • Reaching out to your preferred creators: Check their social media accounts or “About” section for job openings.
  • Volunteering: Gain experience on websites that provide moderator roles at no cost.
  • Freelancing: Research platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, but prepare ahead of time with your homework.The following is the reality.

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YouTubers Get Paid by Who?

YouTubers can receive payment on a number of platforms, including


 Content creators can earn money from the advertisements that show up in their videos by using the YouTube Partner Program.

Brand partnerships and sponsorships:

 In exchange for money, YouTubers can work with businesses to feature or promote products in their videos.

Channel memberships and fan funding:

Viewers can directly support YouTubers by making contributions or by subscribing to their channels.

Sales of merchandise:

 Many YouTubers sell branded products, such as clothing and accessories, in order to generate income.

Digital products and courses:

 A small number of YouTubers create and promote digital products related to their area of expertise, such as e-books or online courses.

Last Words

In summary, being a YouTube moderator is an exciting alternative for anyone who wish to be a part of a vibrant online community. Remember to acquire the necessary skills, fulfill the employment standards, and follow the guidelines provided in this article. If you’d like to further develop your skills, there are many of networking opportunities, and job applications are easy to complete.


What qualifications are needed to work as a YouTube Moderator?

To work as a YouTube Moderator, you need to meet certain employment requirements. These include having excellent communication skills, an attention to detail, and the ability to handle sensitive information.

Which abilities am I lacking?

The keys include community management, conflict resolution, and communication. Bonus marks for cultural sensitivity and technological expertise. An enthusiasm for the channel is essential.

What is their income?

Pay varies widely; for starters, it seldom reaches $30 per hour. Put your passion before of big salary.

What is the salary of YouTube chat moderators?

Depending on a number of variables, such as the moderator’s experience level, the amount of work they do, and the company they work for, the compensation for YouTube chat moderators can vary significantly. YouTube chat moderators may earn $10 to $25 per hour or more, depending on the complexities and demands of the position.

Is it adaptable?

While some channel jobs are flexible, they still need dedication and consistent online time.

What difficulties exist?

Handling emotional situations, trolls, and criticism. Be ready to face difficulties.

Is it appropriate for me?

Do you like creating uplifting online environments? possess the abilities? It might be fruitful. However, keep your expectations and obstacles in check.

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